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Disadvantages Of SEO

By |January 21st, 2019|Categories: Disadvantages Of SEO|

It takes a relatively long time for SEO to show results

An identifiable drawback of SEO is the period it takes to produce the desired outcomes or results. It takes a longer period due to certain procedures such as getting the substance filed via search engines, and such a process can take up to a few hours, days and weeks. Since Google algorithms change frequently, it produces results which are not consistent with the search.

Long wait for ROI


It is a general fact about availing SEO that it takes a long period to produce any significant results from your SEO endeavors. It is more likely that you will require a long term investment to establish a decent ROI or return on investment from each of your SEO endeavors. However, this could spell trouble for those companies that require considerable income on a short term basis.

To be competitive will require a lot of investment

SEO is not a free endeavor and will require abiding by its requirements such as delivering and pulling in backlinks. When availing SEO, it is most likely that you will be seeking outside assistance to manufacturing every SEO connection and other activities in an attempt to generate generous income from advertising endeavors. It is enhanced when working in an aggressive competitive field.

There is no guarantee that it will work for sure

One of the crucial objectives of website optimization is appearing on the primary SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). There is no doubt a strong presence in the initial search result page is a detrimental factor. A record percentage of 75% users will not look more than the first page of results. Moreover, SEO does not assure that you will appear in the primary pages of the search results based on the keyword highlighted.

Left at the mercy of the algorithm

The most significant drawback of SEO is without a doubt, lack of control.  You are at the complete mercy of the Google algorithm. Bear in mind that investing in SEO, unfortunately, ensures that you have whatsoever no authority in the activity from your SEO endeavors knowing that Google has absolute and total control.


You can be penalized

Google is ridiculously unpredictable with updates such as Penguin, Panda, etc. Tons of hard work submitted by a search engine optimizer can be disregarded and changed overnight from being penalized from what the algorithm changes require. It can be heartbreaking for marketers often leaving them clueless about what happened and start from scratch.

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SEO Fundamentals Which Never Change With Algorithm Updates

By |January 11th, 2019|Categories: Fundamentals|

Bots need to view your website

Search engine giant, Google cannot rank your site if it does not gain access to the content you are providing. Google uses the help of automated bots to crawl through the web and stocking and indexing content. However, if your website is not visible to these bots, your site has little to no chance of making a presence in the initial SERPs. With the help of technical SEO, it ensures your website is visible to the bots, loads the pages accordingly and presents all content accurately. Regardless of technical errors, the requirement to maintain your website’s visibility is permanent.

Site structure indicates entry structure


The layout and structure of the website help Google evaluate it on how it appears in the SERPs. The title and description are extracted from the metadata of the site. Special structures such as structured markup are used to provide targeted content when users research for it.

Quality content is mandatory

In order for Google to direct users to your website, it is compulsory to maintain the best material available online relevant to the keyword searched. Impeccable content should be minimum 800 words per page readable with necessary headings and subheadings. Remember the simple principle that, the better your content is the better chances of sustaining a higher ranking. Many agencies like this nj seo company can help you curate the content you need to bolster your seo strategy and help drive more traffic.

Trust is formed in networks

It is a fact that no single source can determine the trustworthiness of a website. Google uses a vast system of series of trust indicators to mutually settle the most trustworthy sources of content on the internet. This method is established in the form of links indicating to a site. The more links are suggesting a website, the more trustworthy it is regarded. Building and strengthening the link profile is the most definite way to enhance domain authority for years to come.

Spam and rank manipulation is bad

Since the birth of Google, it has been engaged in a never-ending battle against rank manipulation and threats. Black hat SEO has used various techniques such as hidden keywords, link schemes, link spamming and keyword stuffing in an attempt to enhance its ranking without acknowledging the necessary effort needed to gain high rankings. Moreover, Google has continuously updated itself in order to track such schemes. On the other hand, Google rewards those sites which promote its users.

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